Farther founder Jennifer Rice is the go-to speaker to get leaders and employees excited about why customer-centered organizations will outlast everyone else, and what you can do about it.

Jennifer is at her best in interactive settings with a small audience and big white board, actively mapping solutions to your specific customer-related challenges. And while she's fluent in many sectors, she really shines in complex sectors like B2B, Financial Services/Insurance, Utilities, Government and Healthcare that serve many different types of customers. 

Leadership topics include:

  • The Platformed Enterprise: How to Become Future-Ready

  • Driving Reputation & Revenue Through Customer Centricity

  • The Customer-Centric Culture

Company team topics: 

  • Brand and CX teams (ideally together): "Integrating Brand and CX Strategy for Maximum Impact"

Our employees were full of excitement to learn new ways of working that are customer focused.”


Workshops can range from a half-day for education to two days for alignment and action planning. For optimal results, we tailor the workshop to your specific business challenges and schedule at least one post-30-day follow up session for accountability; it's amazing how much progress a cross-functional team can make when there's a follow-on deadline. 

“Jennifer’s workshops advance understanding at all levels and offer frameworks that can be immediately applied for real results.”
— Marketing Director, Johnson & Johnson

Workshop topics are designed to facilitate alignment and action towards shared goals by taking an outside-in, customer-centric approach to strategic decision-making. This ensures that initiatives and outcomes are clearly linked to revenue. Topics include: 

Most companies today use personas to guide marketing, CX, digital, product development and innovation. But too often these personas aren't actionable or aren't usable beyond their initial purpose. In large companies and B2B, persona proliferation abounds -- there's no overarching strategy or unifying thread that pulls them together and provides shared strategic direction. 

In this workshop, we'll use Customer Archetypes to simplify your customer focus, align on what matters most, and map out the implications for winning and keeping them. For B2B companies with multiple customer groups, add a half-day to develop your simplified persona strategy using Archetypes. 

  • Drive Revenue through Customer Centricity - Good for a director-level, cross-functional group to create a straw model for presentation to leadership.

Starting with your customer and what makes them tick, we work our way backwards to the optimal strategic opportunity for your brand. From that customer-centric North Star, we align what you say (brand & marketing) with what you do (CX, digital, operations, and the operating model). This alignment across the organization not only can boost customer loyalty and advocacy, but also improve operational efficiencies for top- and bottom-line results. 

  • Customer Journey Mapping & Operationalization - Hands-on training for CX and cross-functional mid-level groups. We'll generate eye-opening insights on the systemic roadblocks to customer success.

The team will create a straw-model journey, then map the back-end people, processes and technology that support it. This process reveals broken points both internally and externally, allowing us to then prioritize fixes and initiatives that will have the greatest impact on loyalty and ROI.