Workshops can range from a half-day for education to two days for alignment and action planning. For optimal results, we tailor the workshop to your specific business challenges and schedule at least one post-30-day follow up session for accountability; it's amazing how much progress a cross-functional team can make when there's a follow-on deadline. 

“Jennifer is a very skillful facilitator and was able to keep our leadership team out of the weeds and on task. She answered tough questions and explained concepts using examples from our field of business – which was extremely helpful. At the end of the day, we were enthusiastic and, two years later, remain committed to our path!”
— California Franchise Tax Board
“Jennifer’s workshops advance understanding at all levels and offer frameworks that can be immediately applied for real results.”
— Marketing Director, Johnson & Johnson

Workshop topics are designed to facilitate alignment and action towards shared goals by taking a human-centric, platform-based approach to strategic decision-making. This ensures that key initiatives and investments are clearly linked to measurable outcomes. Topics include: 

farther/faster for leadership - 1/2 to 1-day executive workshop

  • Who should be in the room: Cross-functional leadership team

  • What we cover: The 5 High-Growth Traits, which blend customer-centricity with the fundamentals borrowed from platform-based businesses like Amazon, Uber, Salesforce and John Deere. These traits can be applied to any type of business, and are especially useful for complex organizations like B2B, financial services and healthcare.

  • Outcomes: A mind-shift from “business as usual” to a new, future-ready approach to leadership and strategy. We’ll build out your platform-based vision and implications for people/processes/technologies in a way that provides confidence, clarity and operational agility. Ultimately, this approach delivers measurable top- and bottom-line results.

farther/faster brand experience - 1-day Director-level workshop

  • Who should be in the room: Director-level brand/marketing, CX, digital, product, service/support

What we cover: We start with defining shared value: the optimal outcomes for the company and its priority customer. From there, we work our way backwards to align what you say (brand & marketing) with what you do (customer experience and digital) to deliver those outcomes.

Outcomes: Aligning and streamlining the brand experience leads to customer loyalty and advocacy, as well as operational efficiencies for top- and bottom-line results. 

Customer/patient Journey Mapping & Operationalization - 1- to 2-day workshops

Hands-on training for CX and cross-functional groups. We'll generate eye-opening insights on the systemic roadblocks to customer success and internal efficiencies.

  • Who should be in the room for Senior-level education: With Director and VP levels, we’ll work at the lifecycle level to learn the benefits of outside-in thinking and diagnose high-level gaps and opportunities. (half day)

Who should be in the room for deep dive mapping: Cross-function managers. The team will create a straw-model journey, then map the back-end people, processes and technologies that support it. This process reveals broken points both internally and externally, allowing us to then prioritize fixes and initiatives that will have the greatest impact on loyalty and ROI.