Jennifer's superpower is simplifying complexity. Aligning people and groups around customer-centric visions and values, identifying hindrances to progress, and then guiding the action plan to get there. Throughout her nearly 30-year career, she's served as a coach, advisor, facilitator and cheerleader for her clients, with deep passion for their success. 

"Jennifer has the unique ability to tailor her messages to audiences at all levels in the organization. Her process helped us uncover stumbling blocks and win new champions." -- Fortune 500 client

Jennifer brings a unique skill set at the intersection of brand, CX, sustainability, business and design. Before founding Farther LLC, Jennifer served as CX Principal and B2B Sector Lead for Forrester’s consulting practice; in the latter role, she helped clients drive revenue through customer centricity by knitting together best practices in CX, digital, data and brand/marketing.  Previously she ran Fruitful Strategy, a sustainable brand consulting firm, and also led large-scale projects at the intersection of brand, business, CX and innovation strategy while at Prophet, a global management consultancy for Fortune 500 companies.

Jennifer specializes in helping highly complex organizations with multiple stakeholder groups like energy, B2B, healthcare and financial services. Former clients include Cisco, Johnson & Johnson, United Healthcare, Principal Financial, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, Environmental Defense Fund, HP, McGraw Financial, and many others.

Jennifer is also a photographer and artist, and regularly escapes on solo photography road trips through the American west.

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Jim Butcher, Strategic Partner

Jim’s passion is around creating leading strategies, whether brands, innovation, or sustainability. Are you future ready? Jim is an expert in future strategy development and scenario planning for leading brands like Coca-cola, Pepsi, Avery Dennison, Herman Miller, SABMiller, Nissan, Burt’s Bees and Seventh Generation, as well as suppliers like Dow, DuPont, Ingersoll Rand and others. Today’s challenges, like artificial intelligence (AI), social media and advertising, changing global economics, online retailing and new consumer segmentation also present new opportunities.

With increasing climate change concerns, companies are increasingly being asked to do more, whether by investors, UN (SDG goals), insurers, governments, stakeholders and consumers. For over 30 years, Jim has created and advised many leading companies’ sustainability strategies, from Nissan (electric vehicles), Coca-Cola (water use and innovation), Clorox (brand and marketing), DuPont (opportunities, new products, and risk mitigation), Ingersoll Rand (50% reduction in HFC use), Pacific, Gas & Electric (becoming an energy service utility) to creating Morgan Stanley’s global sustainability strategy (moving it from #114 to #2 in global green banks). Instead of traditionally focusing only on CSR efforts, leading companies today are seeing the intersection of sustainability with their brands, reputation, and new innovations to drive new profitability and customers.

Besides being a partner with Farther, Jim is the Founder of Entegra Partners, a leading strategy, sustainability and innovation consultancy. He has worked with over 150 Fortune 100-250 companies globally, in over 50 countries.

“This future scenario planning effort crystallized and revised our strategic direction.” - Fernando Gonzalez, CEO, CEMEX

Before his own consultancy, Jim helped create the Global Business Network (GBN), the leading global scenario planning consultancy, and was a senior consultant with Boston Consulting Group (BCG). He loves speaking opportunities to engage and inspire audiences, whether conferences to graduate schools like Yale and Stanford. When not traveling, he likes hiking, improv theater and trying new cooking recipes.


David Cushing, Event Producer, Co-Leader

David is an accomplished creative director, writer and events producer; his strength is in translating complex business ideas into coherent messages and experiences for internal and external audiences. David also served as Adjunct Professor at Columbia College in Chicago in the Business & Entrepreneurship Department; his focus was on how professionals turn ideas into successful businesses. In his free time, David is a sculptor and teaches at Santa Fe Clay.