Brand and CX (including digital) are two sides of the same coin. We define brand as a promise delivered: a promise made by marketing and delivered throughout the experience. What links them together is how your customers want to feel when they do business with you… because emotion drives behavior, even in B2B.

The highest-performing brands in the world — Apple, Nike, AirBnB, Salesforce — all tightly align what they say and what they do. And they enjoy cult-brand status along with over 5x stock-price or valuation growth over the past 10 years… nearly double the rate of everyone else.

If your organization is stagnating and your goal is to accelerate growth, the key is alignment through customer centricity.

Customer-centric strategy

Our customer strategy program uses best-in-class insights and repeatable frameworks developed from nearly 30 years of seeing what works and what doesn’t. So you don’t pay us to reinvent the wheel and deliver a PowerPoint… but rather for us to collaboratively work with you, connect the dots, drive deeper customer understanding, and train your teams to be able to continue the work after we’re gone. You’ll:

  • learn the customer-first way of thinking and working

  • create a simple and actionable customer blueprint

  • set KPIs

  • build momentum with accountability

“Jennifer’s approach helped us simplify our promise to our customers, and connect it to CX in a way that that was clear and actionable across the organization. It also helped us gain alignment at all levels of the organization and to simplify decision-making. Last but not least, we’ve seen measurable progress on our shared goals. “
— Director, Product Delivery & Sales, Energy Company


Alignment around a shared customer outcome, which drives... 

Efficiencies of scale, ensuring investments in digital, marketing and CX deliver ROI 

Simplified decision-making and improved resource allocation that drives customer outcomes

A clear, actionable blueprint that helps all aspects of the business deliver against shared goals

Initial steps towards culture change that is more customer-centric

Shared metrics that can replace (in part) the explosion of siloed performance metrics


Customer blueprints often run $250,000 to $600,000+ with traditional consulting firms, and take over 4 - 6 months to complete. 

While we could do this, we don’t believe that handing you a PowerPoint developed in a black box will help you execute. We believe there’s a better way: helping you and your teams see your business from the outside-in, and facilitating alignment and solutions rather than giving them. It’s faster, less expensive and more effective.

Depending on the complexity of your organization, we can help you build a comprehensive customer blueprint at less than half the cost and time of the traditional approach. For less complex businesses, you can be up and running within 8 weeks:

  • Weeks 1 - 4: Align on a customer-centric vision and goals based on your Customer Archetype (ie a customized version of our universal customer segments). We’ll use a differentiated customer emotion to provide the “connective tissue” between your brand promise and operationalization. We have a more in-depth version for more complex businesses with multiple customer segments.

  • Weeks 5 - 6: Build out your action plan and set your KPIs

  • Weeks 7 - 8: Begin executing with accountability and coaching

why it works

1. "Yes, we've seen it before." After nearly 30 years in consulting and strategic customer insights, the patterns and commonalities across sectors are predictable. Traditional consulting firms don't want you to know how predictable, scalable and repeatable the solutions really are. We've distilled and packaged these patterns into reusable frameworks that can be used to train your teams, not junior consultants right out of college.

2. Traditional consultants mirror and reinforce your silos. They'll deliver a digital strategy. Brand strategy. CX strategy. Metrics. Culture change. You name it. But what you're left with is a pile of disparate to-do's with no linkage across any of them... creating more work for you and significantly less impact. 

We work differently. 

We're not a PowerPoint factory, and we have the repeatable tools to bust your silos. We facilitate alignment, simplify complexity, train your customer-centric muscles, and guide measurable progress towards organic growth... fast.