Like customer experience, sustainability (social and environmental) is an overlay touching every aspect of the business. It includes a customer-facing dimension that manifests in marketing, customer experience, products and packaging, which should be tightly aligned with the brand and customer priorities. It also includes an internal dimension that not only includes manufacturing, but also the business processes and practices that make sustainability sustainable over the long haul.

Most importantly, sustainability and CSR are not tack-on, check-the-box programs. Connecting with values-minded buyers is becoming critically important as the next generations gain buying power. Think of sustainability and CSR as critical brand and business drivers.

Customer-centric sustainability strategy

Our Sustainable Brand strategy program uses best-in-class insights and proven, repeatable frameworks that link sustainability to brand and business success. You don’t pay us to reinvent the wheel and deliver a PowerPoint… but rather for us to collaboratively work with you, connect the dots, drive deeper understanding, and train your teams to be able to continue the work after we’re gone.

“Jennifer has the unique ability to tailor her messages to audiences at all levels in the organization. Her interviews of our brand teams, supply chain leaders and executives helped us uncover stumbling blocks and win new sustainability champions. She understands what it takes to build a brand was able to tailor her recommendations to ensure they not only improved footprint but would also drive performance.”
— Sustainability Marketing Lead, Global CPG Company


  • Gain alignment across the organization on what sustainability is, and what it means to the organization

  • Learn how to link sustainability in a relevant way to your brand and CX

  • Understand your current state relative to best-practice leaders and key competitors

  • Set your vision, goals, strategies and KPIs

  • Build momentum with accountability


We use our proprietary, proven framework to align your internal actions with your external promises and experiences.

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 11.26.32 AM.png

Informed by a deep-dive audit, the Sustainable Brand game board enables brand/marketing, operations and management to get on the same page regarding how deeply sustainability should be embedded into brands and business.

Once you’ve aligned on where your brand(s) plot on the game board versus competitors, we’ll align on your future-state position and then build out your action plan to close the gaps.