CX Innovation Outpost

For our US and European corporate clients, The CX Innovation Outpost is a platform to connect with CX startups around the world. The first outpost will be in the thriving start-up city of Tel Aviv.

We’re surfacing hidden gems in

  • Sector-agnostic solutions in personalization, Voice of Customer, engagement, marketplaces, contact center, and much more

  • Sector-specific solutions like SMB loan streamlining and AI-based retail

What makes us different?

We frame everything we do through the lens of CX, using the customer lifecycle to map innovations to your key journeys (or help you manage across journeys.) We also coach start-ups in customer-first thinking, ensuring they’re able to deliver on your high standards.

We’re leveling the playing field

Over 70 multinationals have innovation outposts here in Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv has the highest number of startups per capita in the world after Silicon Valley, and it ranks #3 in the world for AI and machine learning, which has extensive applicability to CX and personalization. Combined with low talent cost, it’s a perfect location for fueling open innovation.

We make it easy for you to gain the same access as MNCs without major investment and overhead. Innovation-minded companies are looking for:

  1. Access to emerging technologies and start-ups that can solve specific CX challenges without reinventing the wheel

  2. Acceleration of your ability to compete with CX leaders in your category

  3. Confidence that these solutions meet and exceed your, and your customers’, expectations for service delivery

  4. Ability to absorb these new technologies and solutions with the right processes and culture behind the scenes.

How we help

Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 9.54.17 AM.png

We can offer several tiers of service, and are open to collaborating with you to create another option that best fits your needs.

Tier 1: SCOUT

  • Sponsor the ongoing “State of CX Innovation” report from Tel Aviv, rolling out to other hot spots each quarter. You’ll get first dibs on the report findings before it’s published; for your top three favorites we’ll do additional investigation into their competencies and roadmap, make recommendations on fit, and facilitate introductions.

  • Includes monthly updates on hot new CX technologies that we find in locations “off the map.”


Quarterly subscription service that includes Tier 1 plus:

  • CX Innovation Outpost - Either proprietary or in a consortium of non-competing firms

  • Initial innovation assessment through a customer-centric strategy lens to prioritize areas for investment, surface barriers to absorbing new innovation, and make recommendations for dissolving those barriers over time

  • Matchmaking services with the thriving start-up ecosystem in Tel Aviv (soon to include Berlin and other hotbeds). You get more than access; you’ll get vetted, coached introductions to startups that fit your specific needs

  • Co-branded innovation challenges that we host on your behalf to address shared priorities

  • Hands-on coaching for your favorite start-ups to ensure they meet and exceed your expectations for service delivery


  • Tier 2 plus coaching to better integrate open innovation, plus learn customer-led platform principles that can accelerate your future growth.

Be a founding sponsor

The first 5 sponsors will receive an additional 3 months to a Tier 1 sponsorship, and an additional free month to a Tier 2 sponsorship. Please contact us to discuss.

I’m in Tel Aviv on GMT+2 time zone, but can adjust my schedule for a more convenient time; just email Jennifer at