On launching Farther

After nearly 3 decades in service of business at consulting and analyst firms, I've seen the benefits and drawbacks of each. I've grown tired of producing endless PowerPoint decks that end up on a shelf. And I've talked to countless organizations, all of whom share the same roadblocks thanks to our inheritance from Henry Ford. The mechanistic, linear, siloed mode of business just doesn't work -- for customers, employees, or leaders -- and it's not going to last. 

Farther was started to address these problems. It's a journey, not a PowerPoint deck. We guide and empower, we don't do it for you. We work with cross-functional teams, not silos, because that's the only way change will happen. And we take a human approach to business, because at the end of the day, human customers are paying the bills, and human employees are doing the work. All the buzzwords like digital and innovation are in service to humanity, not the holy grail in themselves. 

If this approach sounds intriguing, let's start a conversation.