5x Farther: Group Coaching

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5x Farther: Group Coaching

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Our upcoming cohort begins on September 1. We only have room for ONE company within each sector, and only 3 - 7 companies can participate at any one time. 

We recommend 2 - 3 participants per company: one in marketing and one in customer experience/operations. Digital transformation gets the third bonus slot. 

$500 holds your spot, with the balance due within 7 days. Early-bird pricing: $24,995 until Aug 9, $29,995 from Aug 10 - Aug 20, and $34,995 until the cohort closes (minimum 3 companies). 

To share details with your future collaborators, go to our 5X Farther: Group Coaching overview page, or contact me at jrice@fartherbound.com.