See Differently

A strategic creativity bootcamp in santa fe, nm

Ironically, we’ve responded to complexity by making it more complex. We do this by left-brain instinct: to break things down into compartments, ostensibly to better manage each. Yet either/or, siloed approaches can’t be sustained. The answer is always both/and — seeing the gestalt, the whole and the parts. This is right-brain thinking, and the path to simplifying complexity.

We know that our brands and businesses need to transform to something more human, more agile, more connected. But we can’t transform organizations until we transform ourselves.

  • Right brain thinking isn’t just for those with designers in their titles. The highest-performing leaders are both/and, bringing analytics and creativity, logic and humanity, into their work.

  • Left brain thinking isn’t just for data wonks. Designers may be best poised to take us into the future, but often must learn a few fundamental left-brain skills to drive business value and gain a seat at the table.

I came to Santa Fe from San Francisco… burned out on “business as usual.” I took a break. Took up photography. Started painting again. Reconnected with parts I’d long set aside as not realistic, relevant or rewarded. Started working from both/and. And by connecting the dots inside myself, I can more easily teach others how to connect the dots in organizations.

I’d like to give you the same opportunity. While you can’t pack up and move to a remote location to get a chance to think, renew, and gain fresh perspectives on your business challenges, you can take 3 - 4 days to get outside of your routine in this lovely artist mountain town.

The Brain Modes: The bootcamp is based on the 5 Brain Modes, plus the skill of Orchestration. We’ll assess your dominant style, and give your non-dominant styles a fun workout. Then we’ll apply these skills to strategy and innovation for attracting and keeping customers. to

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Who it’s for

The bootcamp is ideal for leaders and mid-level managers in areas that contribute to attracting and keeping customers like marketing, CX/UX, digital/IT and customer insights.

You’re facing disruption, and embarking on transformation efforts that just don’t seem to be working. Or you want to ensure you get ROI from your transformation investment. Both/and strategy is the only way forward — and to learn it, you must experience it.

If you’re interested in bringing this to your team on a custom basis, click here.

Bootcamp Outcomes

This 3.5-day workshop in the artist town of Santa Fe, NM is designed to engage you at all levels, using all of your brain. On a personal level, you’ll be renewed, inspired, and connected. And you’ll also take home a fresh approach to strategy and transformation that delivers the left-brain-approved ROI for the bootcamp.

Right Brain Outcomes

Left-Brain Outcomes

See differently

  • Engage in purposeful play designed to help you experience the both/and

  • Practice basic mindfulness training, which helps exercise your ability to see the gestalt (both the details and the big picture) and make unexpected connections

Connect the dots

  • Generate innovation ideas and break down silos by approaching strategy from the right-brain perspective

  • Boost your ability to connect structure and logic with essential design principles


  • Understand colleagues operating on the other side of the brain by walking in their shoes

  • Empathize with customers by using tools to think from the outside-in


  • Gain clarity on your “big story” that’s aspirational and motivating… personally, internally and externally

  • Define your customer-centric territory and innovation constraints

  • Get a multi-purpose prioritization tool to hone in on the best innovation ideas and repair initiatives


  • Organize key initiatives within the ‘gestalt’ provided by right-brain thinking - ie. weave together brand, CX, digital, sustainability, CSR into a whole cloth. Or, we can focus on the initiatives within your team.


  • Use logic and structured thinking to tell your executive-level story


  • Take home a playbook with new tools and processes that you can use to improve your organization’s ability to attract and keep customers

Your Coaches

Your coaches for this program combine business savvy with arts and creativity. All have more than 25 years of business experience under their belts, and are well equipped to help you exercise your corpus callosum, bridging left brain and right brain. 

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Jennifer Rice, Managing Director, Co-Leader

Jennifer is a holistic thinker, innovator and customer-centric strategist. She brings nearly 30 years experience in helping companies attract and keep customers, gained working at firms like Prophet and Forrester Research. She’s also worked in sustainability and large-scale systems change. In her spare time, she embarks on photography road trips with her trusty dog and camper.


David Cushing, Event Producer, Co-Leader

David is an accomplished creative director, writer and events producer; his strength is in translating complex business ideas into coherent messages and experiences for internal and external audiences. David also served as Adjunct Professor at Columbia College in Chicago in the Business & Entrepreneurship Department; his focus was on how professionals turn ideas into successful businesses. In his free time, David is a sculptor and teaches at Santa Fe Clay. 


The agenda is designed to pull together diverse thinking styles, building to day 4 where we’ll integrate everything you’ve learned into a take-home plan and next steps. We’re still refining the details and will keep you posted as we lock it down.





5:00 PM - Introductions

6:00 - Cocktails 

7:00 - Group Dinner 

8:00 am start

Understand thinking styles and gaps

Learn to see - walking perspective exercise

Introduction to mindfulness and why it works

Inspiration and play at Meow Wolf

Work/play dinner

8:00 am start

Mindfulness session

Inspiration at the Railyard galleries and Santa Fe Clay

Right brain: Find your Customer Archetype

Left brain: two essential tools to balance right-brain inspiration

5 pm: Free time & dinner on your own

8:00 am start

Mindfulness session

Innovation “in the box”

Strategize and prioritize

Construct your narrative

4:00 pm: Depart, or explore Santa Fe on your own and leave Monday morning

dates & Pricing

Jan 31 through Feb 3, 2019. To reserve your spot or to get more information, please provide the following information:

Name *
Interest level

Early bird pricing for the first 5 registrants: $2850 per person, or $5550 for two people from the same organization. For non-profits, our rate is $2550.

Regular pricing: Registrants 6 - 12: $3250 per person, or $5,950 for two people from the same organization. For non-profits, our rate is $2950.

Does not include lodging. Also covers breakfasts, lunches and one work/play dinner; the remaining dinners are on your tab.

A $500 deposit per person reserves your spot once we’ve finalized the date, with the remainder due once we’ve reached our minimum participation level of 8 people. We’ll set a cap at 12 in order to give you personalized attention and coaching for your specific challenges.