Go farther, faster, together.

Your organization is marching into the unknown. The world is increasingly more complex and faster paced… disruption is occurring in nearly every sector. “Best practices” that guided organizations thus far are now outmoded and cannot be sustained.

Digital, customer-centric, sustainable and agile transformation are no longer optional. However, these efforts are often being tackled in a siloed fashion. The solution is to evolve to a platform-based business in which everything is streamlined and connected around shared value. We can help you get there as your sherpa: someone who can show the way.

The Value platform

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A future-ready business applies the platform concept to strategy, operations and management, and technology.

We help traditional firms, especially those with high complexity (multiple BUs, customer types, regions, etc.), boost efficiency and competitive advantage by platforming how they work.

We use three “lenses” — customer-centricity, digital, and sustainability/CSR — to ensure that all strategies and activities are tightly integrated rather than siloed.

Consulting and coaching

We believe in up-skilling you and your teams, instead of doing the work for you.

While some project-based work is often needed — especially to unearth the customer- and stakeholder-specific values that form the foundation of your Value Platform — we also apply ongoing collaboration and coaching to ensure your teams make the necessary shifts.

  • Cross-functional team workshops

  • Collaborative visioning and action planning

  • Ongoing coaching and advisory

Small steps

Have questions about what all this means for you? Let’s get to know each other. Here are a couple small ways you can see how I think and add value.

Office Hours: Like an analyst, you can reserve my time and pay on your credit card. We’ll get an NDA in place, and you can book time as needed to make progress against your goals.

Strategy review: You’ll get a third-party review and high-level recommendations on how you can better integrate your brand, CX, digital, and sustainability strategies to drive impact and ROI.

Click here to book a 30-min introductory call so we can learn more about each other.