Take your business to the next level.

Our 90-day coaching & facilitation program helps organizations go farther, faster, together. We’re currently focused on healthcare, financial services and technology.

the problem

Whether you’re a mid-stage start-up or an established company, you may be experiencing friction that comes from an antiquated way of working. This may show up in a variety of ways, including:

  • You’re not meeting growth expectations, or you want to exceed them

  • Your marketing is “spraying and praying” without a clear priority customer

  • You have too many customer or patient types, which is diluting your effectiveness

  • You’re working inefficiently, with duplication of effort or lack of alignment

  • Your executive team is divided by opinions with no clear way to prioritize resources, resources, product features, etc.

  • You’re not keeping the customers or patients you attract because their desired outcomes haven’t been (easily) achieved

  • Your customer service/success team is a band-aid for disconnected teams, experiences and technologies

The solution

There’s one reason why high-performing organizations like John Deere, Cleveland Clinic, Amazon and Apple succeed:

  1. They focus on shared value — where desired human outcomes overlap with desired company outcomes and then used digital to help deliver those outcomes faster and more effectively.

  2. They understand that they are a complex ecosystem internally, operating within broader ecosystems externally… which means a fundamentally different way of operating: one that focuses on connections and relationships, not silos and hierarchy.

We need to work with the human side of digital transformation: who we serve, how we work, and how we collaborate together to achieve something greater together.

Our Value Platform model helps companies get laser-focused on a human-led outcome, and reverse-engineers implications to the customer/patient/partner experiences, business model, operating model and — lastly — the technology required to support it all. Less friction, more forward momentum, more top- and bottom-line revenue.

Sound hard? It’s actually quite simple when you have the right mindset and outcome.

Jennifer’s approach helped us clarify our understanding of our most important customers and tighten our product thinking to target the highest value opportunities. It’s very useful to gain alignment.
— VP Product Development at Descartes Lab

program outcomes

The FARTHER/FASTER Bootcamp is an acceleration program that helps organizations acquire coherent, laser-like power to achieve shared-value goals.

Participants will:

  • Clarify your strategic focus by aligning on your Persona Platform -- a critical step to simplifying customer/patient complexity

  • Improve retention, loyalty, up-sell and cross-sell by refining and streamlining your experiences, plus the people, processes and technologies that support it

  • Improve operational efficiencies by setting your “platform optimization parameters” (Bezos and Jobs do this exceptionally well)

  • Build a strategic navigation system — strategy, metrics and decision-making — that keeps the business on track

  • Up-skill your teams in a more human-centric, future-ready way of working that will create a measure of stability in an era of constant change.

“Jennifer’s approach helped us simplify our promise to our customers, and connect it to CX and digital in a way that that was clear and actionable across the organization. It also helped us gain alignment at all levels of the organization and to simplify decision-making. Last but not least, we’ve seen measurable progress on our shared goals. “
— Director, Product Delivery & Sales, Energy Company

the process

The program addresses four questions:

Where are we now? (Stage 1: 30 days)

Take our Future-Ready assessment to score your organization on the 6 traits of high-growth firms. We’ll use this model to move your business forward and close the gaps.

During this time, we’ll guide your team on the inputs needed for the next stage.

Where are we going? (stage 2: 15 days)

In an on-site workshop setting, we’ll help you confidently set a destination for your organization using a combination of customer-centric scenario planning and our Universal Customer Segments. We’ll sift through the universe of possibilities and get aligned towards a future-ready, actionable vision.

how do we get there? (part of stage 2)

We’ll reverse-engineer implications to your brand, experience, operating model and digital requirements. This results in a platform-based, modular strategy and a clear plan of action that enables agility over time.

We’ll put in place your Navigation System: a snapshot of your destination, platform standards, and shared metrics that clarifies and simplifies decision-making across the organization.

Are we on track? (stage 3, 45 days)

We’ll walk alongside you for the next 45 days as you start implementing the program. Regular check-ins ensure accountability and forward progress towards shared goals. This accountability and coaching phase can be extended as needed.

Who’s your coach?


Jennifer Rice is the former B2B Sector Lead and CX Principal in Forrester’s consulting group in San Francisco. She also served as Customer Strategy Lead at Prophet for global companies. Her client list includes Cisco, Principal Financial, YouTube, United Health, Agilent, Ariba/SAP, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, CyberSource, and many more.

Jennifer has been working in human-centric strategy for over 30 years, and has developed a future-ready model for growth based on:

  • What causes friction and poor customer experience in legacy companies. I’ve met and worked with countless organizations across a variety of sizes and sectors, and they all face the same fundamental challenge.

  • What really drives growth in highly successful brands and businesses. There are 6 key traits of high-growth brands that I’ve synthesized over several decades and across countless sources.

I highly recommend Jen to anyone looking for a brilliant and seasoned strategist to quickly uncover ways to be more competitive!
— Chief Customer Officer, Lean Data

how we work

Jennifer is bringing a proven approach to streamlining organizations based on customer-led platform principles.

A traditional consulting approach normally ranges from $150,000 to $750,000+ depending on the size and complexity of the organization and availability of actionable customer insights.

But in a repeatable coaching model, we can accomplish the same results for a fraction of the cost.

What brings this price down? Scalable, repeatable frameworks and tools that are leveraged by your teams under our guidance and facilitation. That means you up-skill your teams instead of getting a PowerPoint that sits on a shelf.

I’m slashing the price for the introductory program

Why? The system is proven within a project consulting model, but I’d like more case studies using a coaching model. I train you at a discount, you do the work and demonstrate measurable success, and we all win.

my goal: disrupt consulting

Why should a coaching model work?

1. "Yes, we've seen it before." After nearly 30 years in consulting and strategic customer insights, the patterns and commonalities across sectors and customer segments are predictable. Traditional consulting firms don't want you to know how predictable, scalable and repeatable the solutions really are. We've distilled and packaged these patterns into reusable frameworks that can be used to train your teams, not junior consultants right out of college.

2. Traditional consultants mirror and reinforce your silos. They'll deliver a digital strategy. Brand strategy. CX strategy. Metrics. Culture change. You name it. But what you're left with is a pile of disparate to-do's with no linkage across any of them... creating more work for you and significantly less impact. We take a different approach, focusing on how everything connects to drive value-based outcomes.

If you’ve read this far, congratulations. It shows you’re seriously interested in a new approach that will help you reach and exceed your goals. You may be the kind of leader that I want to work with. Those accepted into the program will be committed to:

  • Expanding their mental models of success. This approach probably isn’t what you’ve been taught, even at Stanford (although we do borrow from design thinking).

  • Properly resourcing this program and providing oversight. I’ll make it affordable, but you’ll need to make it actionable.

  • A focus on driving customer value. This program is about helping customers win, which in turn will directly drive your success.

It’s not for everyone

If you meet the above three criteria, let’s have a short call or grab coffee and see if we’re a mutual fit. Simply click the link to access my calendar, and add a time that works best for you. Please indicate whether phone, VC or in-person is best.

now what?